Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ministry Residency at Brentwood Baptist Church?

The Ministry Residency is a one year residential ministry experience that equips and encourages leaders for life, ministry, disciple making and kingdom advance. This one-year residency experience prepares the next generation of pastors, worship leaders, missionaries, and disciple makers to lead the church effectively through dynamic teaching, mentored ministry, and experiential learning.

Who can apply to be a ministry resident?

Successful applicants will have a level of character, skill and education such that they can effectively lead a ministry on a campus of Brentwood Baptist Church. They will sense a clear call to vocational ministry in the local church and meet the qualifications for eldership outlined in 1Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9.

Preferably, they will have completed a graduate or post-graduate degree and have had some meaningful ministry experience. Exceptions will be considered with the h3 endorsement of the church and staff in which they are currently serving or have previously served.

Can women apply for a residency?

Yes! God is calling a generation of women into a variety of vocational ministries in the church. If you are a woman called by God to serve in the local church we encourage you to consider this unique opportunity.

How long are the residencies?

Our residencies are one year in length and begin roughly on August 15 and conclude on August 31.

How do I apply for a residency?

To apply to be a resident, fill out a short form application here:

A Brentwood Baptist representative will contact you acknowledging receipt of your application and to schedule an initial phone interview and assessment.

How long does the application process take?

Our goal is to notify applicants within a 60-90 day period of acceptance from the time their short form application is received. Variables include scheduling of interviews and reference checks and completion of assessments and documentation.

How many residency openings are there?

Each one-year cohort has up to 9 residents.

How is the Ministry Residency different from an internship?

Internships are typically part time where a residency is full time. A residency experience is designed to go far beyond an internship in ministry involvement, leadership and intentional training. Following orientation and initial onboarding residents will be assigned to a Brentwood Baptist Campus and expected to effectively function as another minister on that campus staff. Residents will be supervised and mentored by a Campus Teaching Pastor or a seasoned Brentwood Baptist minister. The Ministry Residency includes formal classroom and cohort learning environments as well as hands on practical ministry experience. It should be noted that throughout the entire residency process participants will participate in both classroom and campus learning environments.

What types of ministry residencies do you offer?

Six broad ministry tracks representing the diverse opportunities within Brentwood Baptist Church are currently offered. It is anticipated additional tracks will be offered in the future.

  • Pastors
  • Music and Worship
  • Discipleship | Next Generation Leadership
  • Missions and Evangelism
  • Kairos – College and Young Adult Ministry

Can I earn credit hours towards my degree for my time as a resident?

Yes. Through participation and successful completion of courses offered non-credit to credit through the Brentwood School of Ministry and Spiritual Formation or through a seminary internship program.

Due to the high demands of the ministry residency, requests to participate in graduate level course work must be pre-approved during the application process.

How is the Ministry Residency at Brentwood Baptist distinctive from other church based schools and residencies?

  • On-the-job experience and training at one of Outreach Magazine’s largest and fastest growing churches in America
  • Exposure to ministry on six different church campus settings in Middle Tennessee
  • Ministry specific learning in five ministry tracks
  • Intentional development in a weekly structured cohort learning environment focusing on a curriculum of ministry competencies
  • Ministry under the mentorship and supervision of a seasoned Brentwood Baptist ministerial staff member
  • Expert training in raising ministry support
  • Up to a $1,500 monthly stipend
  • Community with other residents, staff and Brentwood Baptist members and leaders
  • Access to the Brentwood Baptist Church staff and network for the remainder of your ministry

Will I be compensated for serving as a resident?

Brentwood Baptist provides a $1,500 monthly stipend.

You are responsible for raising your remaining salary, housing, and benefits for the one-year residency period.

Will I receive training on how to raise my financial support?

Yes, Brentwood Baptist partners with Reliant, a leading non-profit fundraising organization for support raising training, coaching, accountability, gift handling and distribution.

Once the resident is accepted into the program, they are required to attend a 5-day fund raising intensive workshop, where they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to raise financial support. Each resident then receives regular support raising coaching and accountability throughout the residency period.

Brentwood Baptist offers this training at no expense.

How long will it take to raise my financial support? What if I don’t raise all of my financial support?

Everyone’s situation is different but we do have a timeline for raising support. You will need to raise a minimum of 25% of your salary prior July 15, 2018 and 35% by August 15, 2018 to participate in the residency program. You will be allowed sufficient time each week to continue your support raising efforts until you reach your budget goal. Reliant will work with you to establish a timeline for raising your additional support.

What if I don’t raise all of my financial support?

If Reliant determines you are not making sufficient progress in meeting your financial support goals and timelines at any time during the residency, we have two options:

  1. Work with your supervisor and the program director to determine a change in office hours to allow you more time to work on raising your support.
  2. Terminate your residency.

May I work a second job during the residency to supplement my support?

Due to the intensity of the program, working a second job during the residency is not permitted.

How is my salary goal determined?

Reliant will work with you to establish a customized budget and a salary goal that takes into consideration your individual needs and circumstances.

If you do not have a working spouse the typical amount required above the housing and salary stipend provided by Brentwood Baptist is between $2,000 and $2,500 a month, depending upon Health Insurance requirements.

Do you offer housing?

Brentwood Baptist does not provide housing, but can make recommendations.

Is online giving an option for my donors?

Donations are received and tracked through the Reliant donor portal setup for each resident. The Reliant donor portal allows effortless credit card or bank debit giving on a one time or automatic, recurring basis. The portal allows you to instantly view incoming gifts and donor records. You can track giving monthly and notice when your donors lapse in their giving and schedule an immediate follow-up contact.

How do I receive my funds?

All residents receive a monthly payroll disbursement by direct deposit on the 15th of the month. The following is deducted from each paycheck and should be factored into determining the resident’s salary goal:

  • 12% for administrative expenses such as, fundraising support, processing of support reports and payroll, online giving and other services
  • 3% for credit card donations
  • 3.5% for the employer share of FICA
  • 2% for Social Security
  • 4.5% for Medicare
  • Life Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and Sexual Misconduct Insurance
  • Health Insurance if selected

You will be an employee of Reliant rather than Brentwood Baptist Church and therefore will receive your W-2 from Reliant.

Will Brentwood Baptist Church help me find a ministry position at the end of my residency?

One of the major benefits of participating in the Ministry Residency at Brentwood Baptist is that you will always be a part of the Brentwood family. This means we will stand with you throughout your ministry career serving as a reference, assisting with job search networking and providing guidance, training and counsel when needed.

We obviously cannot guarantee placement on a Brentwood Baptist Campus, but the Brentwood Baptist name and brand is influential and has been used by God in Middle Tennessee, across the nation, and around the world.

Are ministry licensing and ordination a part of the residency?

Ministry licensing and ordination are not built into what you receive through the completion of the residency. Typically, licensing comes from a person’s home church, and ordination follows once a person is hired permanently to a church. In most cases, Brentwood Baptist reserves licensure and ordination for these groups of people who then also meet other criteria. Based on the circumstances of particular residents, licensing or ordination could be considered.

Additional questions?

If you have further questions about the Ministry Residency at Brentwood Baptist Church, please submit them via email to

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