Compensation & Benefits

Brentwood Baptist Church provides a $1,000 relocation allowance and up to a $1,500 monthly stipend.

Each participant is responsible for their remaining salary, housing,
and benefits for the one-year residency period.

Generally a resident either (1) comes to the program with financial needs and benefits secured or (2) will raise support to cover financial needs and benefits prior to entrance into the residency program.

Support Raising

Support raising has a long history in the church as a biblical method of securing financial resources to fulfill ministry calling.

Brentwood Baptist partners with Reliant, a leading non-profit fund-raising organization for support raising training, coaching, accountability, gift handling and distribution.

Once the resident requiring fundraising support is accepted into the program, they are required to attend a 5-day fundraising intensive workshop (scheduled for April 5-9, 2018), where they are equipped by the Reliant Team with the knowledge and skills to raise financial support.

Brentwood Baptist offers this training at no expense.


All benefit costs are included in the total amount of funding required to be raised.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance and Dental Benefits are optional
  • Life Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and Sexual Misconduct Insurances are required
  • Holidays – the residents will follow the same holiday schedule as full time Brentwood Baptist Church staff members. Scheduled holidays as listed in the Brentwood Baptist Personnel Manual

Payroll Distributions

All residents receive a monthly payroll disbursement by direct deposit. 

Residents are employees of Reliant rather than Brentwood Baptist Church and therefore will receive their W-2 from Reliant.

Additional specific information about support-raising, salary and benefits, and financial contributions and payroll distribution management will be provided upon acceptance.

Rate of Pay

It is Reliant‘s practice to work with each resident to establish a customized budget and a salary goal that takes into consideration their individual circumstances.

For the resident without a working spouse the typical amount required above the salary stipend provided by Brentwood Baptist is between $2,000 and $2,500 a month, depending upon Health Insurance requirements.

It is the residents’ responsibility to raise 100% of their determined goal. Due to the intensity of the program, working a second job during the residency is not permitted.

Those that have raised 75% or more of their full support goal may start the residency on August 15 and will be allowed time each week to work on raising their remaining support and to participate in regular coaching calls. Those that have raised less than 75% of their full support goal will not be allowed to participate at this time.

The amount raised will be calculated by adding all gifts already given and future gifts promised.

Financial Contributions

Donations are received and tracked through the Reliant donor portal set up for each resident. The Reliant donor portal allows effortless bank debit or credit card giving on a one-time or automatic, recurring basis. The portal allows the resident instant view access to incoming gifts and donor records. Residents can track giving monthly and notice when donors lapse in their giving.

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