Brentwood Baptist Church is uniquely positioned in Middle Tennessee and equipped as a church to invest in the next generation of church leaders and help them serve God and His kingdom by leading His church. From someone who works in theological education, I could not be more excited about the Brentwood School of Ministry and Spiritual Formation. I am thrilled by what I’ve seen and heard about their approach to theological education. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is committed to working with church-based training centers for the advancement of the gospel in all places. At Southeastern, we train and equip men and women to use their gifts to glorify the Lord Christ by serving the church and fulfilling the Great Commission. We play an important role in training and preparing men and women for ministry. The school of ministry also plays a vital role. Brentwood Baptist Church has the opportunity, through the school of ministry, to train God-called men and women in the context of the real world. They train for ministry alongside of doing ministry. With the fast-changing cultural tide, this type of training is indispensable. I wish I had training like this years ago before I pastored my first church.

Dr. Keith Whitfield
Vice President for Academic Administration at Southeastern

I love Pastor Mike Glenn’s commitment to healthy churches and I especially love his commitment to the local church. With a vision of having Great Commission impact on Middle Tennessee, consisting of a diverse population of 1.5 million people, Mike and the church he has pastored for over two decades, Brentwood Baptist, understands the urgency of training & equipping the next generations of leaders for the church. Because of this bold vision, Brentwood Baptist is launching a residency training program for a new wave of church leaders. And because everything this pastor and church undertakes is done with Christ-honoring excellence, I strongly and wholeheartedly endorse this much needed initiative!

Randy Davis
Executive Director of The Tennessee Baptist Convention

We need a wisdom culture to reshape church culture today, one in which those with deep experience and wisdom can mentor and guide the next generation’s gifted leaders. Pastors who have pastored well for decades is what young leaders today need most, and the Middle Tennessee Initiative out of Brentwood Baptist and its wise pastor, Mike Glenn, is a splendid example of a wisdom culture. This Initiative permits the generosity of Brentwood Baptist to be multiplied for the glory of God.

Scot McKnight
Professor of New Testament

I have been in hundreds of churches as a consultant, speaker, and pastor. Without any exaggeration, I can say that the Middle Tennessee Initiative is one of the most exciting developments I have seen in any church or Christian organization. The Middle Tennessee Initiative reflects an extraordinary commitment to the local church and to the training of the next generation of leaders for the church. It has experienced an incredible start; I can’t wait to see what God has planned for its future.

Thom Rainer
President and CEO, LifeWay Christian Resources

Brentwood’s Ministry Residency provides participants the opportunity to gain “hands on” ministry experience in a variety of areas from some of the best in church leadership. Through the Middle Tennessee Initiative, residents have the ability to learn through regional campuses, church plants, and partner para-church organizations. The unique benefit of the Ministry Residency is the ability to focus your learning to a specific ministry track. As a future church starter, I know my time here will be an invaluable experience. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Andy Beal
Ministry Resident, Church Multiplication Track

I started the resident program at Brentwood Baptist already having a masters from a seminary along church and missions experience, but the time has been invaluable. Not many churches with 140 on staff can claim a 97% satisfaction rate, but Brentwood can. Not many churches make sure its leaders are working from the overflow of their heart, but Brentwood does. It is an incredibly healthy environment to learn and grow in the Lord. If you want to learn how to do church right, then I recommend the resident program.

Jon Bell
Ministry Resident, Pastoral Track

If you are looking for an opportunity to learn, grow, and prepare for ministry, both here and around the world, then the Brentwood Baptist Residency is for you. I am so thankful for churches like Brentwood Baptist whose desire is to invest in the next generation of gospel ministers. I am confident the training I’ve received here will impact in my ministry for many years to come.

Steele Wright
Ministry Resident, Pastoral Track

Searching with blurred direction can lead to a long path of “I don’t knows” and misguided steps in the pursuit of ministry. In the first two months, the Brentwood Baptist Residency program has already begun to shed light and push away the fogginess that confusion in our call can bring. It’s a great next step for those seeking to figure out this thing we like to tagline as “our call!”

Jeff Snyder ­
Ministry Resident, Discipleship Track