Brentwood Baptist
Ministry Residency

The Ministry Residency is a one year residential ministry experience that equips and encourages leaders for life, ministry, disciple making, and kingdom advancement. This one-year residency experience prepares the next generation of pastors, worship leaders, missionaries, and disciple makers to lead the church effectively through dynamic teaching, mentored ministry, and experiential learning.

Brentwood Baptist Ministry Residency and Application

The Ministry Residency is a two-year residential ministry experience that equips and encourages leaders for vocational ministry and kingdom advancement. The website and application will launch November 1, 2020. Applications will be received through March 1, 2020.

For questions related to the Ministry Residency Program, please contact Roger Severino.

Equipping the Next Generation of Church Leaders

The Ministry Residency provides a unique opportunity for young men and women called to the ministry in the local church to gain practical experience in a dynamic multi-campus church setting.

For almost four decades, Brentwood Baptist Church has invested in hundreds of men and women who are now impacting the Kingdom of God locally and globally. By virtue of its many resources, strategic location and distinctive approach to ministry, Brentwood Baptist is well-positioned to serve as a teaching and sending church.


Some things are better caught than taught.

Daily you’ll be learning ministry in a congregational setting and then reflecting with experienced practitioners.

Just as a teaching hospital provides its residents with further clinical training and the opportunity to practice their trade, so too the Ministry Residency at Brentwood Baptist seeks to provide more intensive ministry training, mentoring, and practical experience within the context of a body of believers.


The journey is better with an experienced guide.

Under the supervision of an experienced ministerial staff, with the support of lay leaders and the collegiality of their peers, residents receive a foundation for a lifetime of ministry in a safe and supportive learning environment.

The Ministry Residency at Brentwood Baptist takes place within the context of five ministry areas on our several different campuses in Middle Tennessee.


Meaningful and fun learning experiences.

Participants in the Ministry Residency will engage in meaningful and fun learning experiences such as weddings, communion, baptisms, service projects, mission journeys, proclamation and worship leadership.

Residents will also participate in the annual Exponential Conference in Orlando, Florida, learning alongside some of the best disciple makers in the country.

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